Where to buy buxus?

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Where to buy buxus?

Hi.  I checked Mehandi's website for buxus, and I couldn't find it.  Am I missing it?  Could someone please post a link to purchase?  

Thank you!

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Buxus is no longer available from Mehandi.com. It was imported from Yemen. Due to the current conflict in Yemen we are unable to get it exported.  Others ones that we have found and tested were found not to be true Buxus.

Sorry for this inconvenience.

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FYI, this French online shop

FYI, this French online shop does sell it (by the name katam, which is just another name for buxus dioica):


I have myself purchased from there are have no doubts it is pure buxus dioica (which they also state in the detailed info of the product, "Designation INCI"). Of course buying from there may not be feasible for those outside Europe, though I don't think the postage would be any higher than from Mehandi.com to Europe :)

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