Root Application Trick

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Root Application Trick

When doing root applications, I found that clips don't hold well and they often get caught in my hair.  Plus, it's hard to tell where I am while doinig the back of my hair. I solved this by buying a big placstic bag of sponge rollers.  Starting front to back, I section a piece of hair, paint my hendigo 360 degrees around the section and roll it in a sponge roller.  This keeps the hair out of the way and I I know precisely where I've painted and there I need to go next.  When I've done all my roots, I take out the sponge rollers and they never tangle or catch on my hair.  I then I concentrate on my hairline in the front, put on my plastic cap and cover with my wool hat.  The whole process goes much quicker.

I close all the clasps on the sponge rollers, put them in a hosiery bag and toss them in the wash.  I don't put them in the dryer; I just hang the hosiery bag on a hook in the laundry room & let them air dry.  They come out good as new and ready for the next time I do my roots.

My hair is shoulder length, so I don't know how well this would work on really long hair, but you can use a million of them and they stack too.


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Re: Root Application Trick
Great trick, thanks!
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Re: Root Application Trick
What a great idea! I have purchased some plastic alligator clips and was going to try them. However, if they don't work well, I will definitely try your idea. Thank you so much!
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Great trick!  I thought this

Great trick!  I thought this post was worth boosting up!

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This is going to help me so much! Thank you

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Root aplicaciones.
Ladies, I put my husband to touch up the roots, he does not like it, he complains, but he does it.
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