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Newbie question

I'm looking to dye my virgin hair with henna/indigo mix. I have natural fine, shoulder length, deep brown (dark chestnut) hair with sparse grey strands. My natural hair is very dark indoors, but outside there is a definite red/auburn undertones. I don't want my hair to go into the black range and I would prefer to have to bring out the redish undertones, but I also don't want my grey hair to turn orange. I'm not sure where to begin or what colour henna/indigo to use. I was thingking Rajasthani Twilight & Zekara Indigo, but I'm not sure of the ratio. I considered the 50/50 mix, but I'm afraid of it being too dark.

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I would get the sample kit of Ancient Sunrise Medium Brunette for Gray Hair and test it on hair harvested from your hair brush.  Here is the link to the samples.

Here is the link to our free Henna for Hair e-book.

Chapter 7 shows you how to use the sample kits to test the color.

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