Purple hair fix: I have a slight purple tinge to my hair.

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Purple hair fix: I have a slight purple tinge to my hair.

I use Chocolate henna and it has started leaving my hair a slight purple shade now.  Is there a fix for this?

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Try oil!

Hi!  Fair warning, I'm kind of a henna newbie but I've done quite a bit of reading-up on henna, and as I see that no one has answered your question in quite a while,  I thought I'd try to help.  To my understanding there is no such thing as brown ("chocolate") henna.  Henna always dyes hair RED (although I'd actually describe it as more of an orange-y shade).  So if you used a product called "chocolate" I'm betting it's not pure henna, I'm betting it has some OTHER plant powder mixed into it, such as Indigo.  The reason I'm guessing Indigo is because Indigo is not only dark, it's also COOL toned, which may explain why your hair is starting to look purple-ish.  

Dark hair dye (be it traditional chemical dye or natural plant dye) is not easy to remove or fade or lighten, but with a little trial and error and some persistence it CAN be done.  Even repeat applications of a dark dye such as indigo can be lightened up beautifully, the proof is online, in before and after photos.  Check out the Long Hair Community to see the results that women are achieving with a DIY "honey lightening" technique.  This also has a warming (oranging) effect on the hair's undertone, which can help to reverse the purple.  That being said, even repeat applications of honey lightening did not work well for me, in trying to lighten a few dark strands I had from too much indigo in my henna mix. I think the reason it didn't work, is that I didn't use a honey with a high enough natural peroxide content.  Jarrah honey is recommended.  

Some get really good lightening/warming effects from Vit C (ascorbic acid) powder mixed with conditioner.  Google directions online.  Again though, that did not work for me personally, even after repeat applications.  Was very gentle on my hair though, like the honey.  

What ultimately worked for me was the advice I got just yesterday on this forum.  Admin suggested I try coconut oil.  I wasn't sure how long to leave it on, so I looked it up online, and found out it should ideally be left on overnight, for 12 hours.  I also saw impressive before and after photos indicating that coconut oil mixed with extra virgin oilive oil (half and half) results in an even lighter/brighter result than just plain coconut oil.  So that's what I did. I saturated my too-dark areas with that oil mix.   It did stain my pillow case, but that's ok because I figured it would, so I just used an old one.  What I did not count on was what happened to my dark blue eye mask!... apparently my hair got on my eye mask during the night and the oil mixture literally removed the blue dye from my eye mask and tranferred it to my old pillow case!  Proof positive that the oil mix DOES release dye in a pretty powerful way!   

After my morning hair-wash, the results were subtle but immediate... the dull espresso brown over-henndigoed strands had turned almost as bright coppery auburn as the rest of my hair!  I think that one or two more applications will do the trick.  And my hair feels like silk... so glad I persisted with natural methods of henndigo lightening rather than turning to hair-damaging chemicals!  

I hope this helps.  



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