henna dyed deep auburn hair - wan´t a lighter shade of coppery red.

Hello all,

Firstly, thanks for this great site and forum. It´s great information and a real help. Henna seems like a great solution for most people, but we each need to work out what is the best solution for us individually.

I´ve been dying my hair ( which is naturally quite fine, and dark blond / mousey light brown) for years chemically red.

The condition overall was quite dry, and although it´s now down to my bra strap, it was always split at the ends before I started with henna.

I have used 100% henna to dye my hair twice now. It feels softer, more robust, and is really shiny in the light.

I wanted it to go as bright red and coppery as possible, even inside, not just in the sun, as it suits me a little bit lighter, however it has gone a dark auburn.

This is great outside, but I would like to add more of a coppery / lighter red if possible.

I need to do the roots coming through.

I read that if I dye the rest of my hair the henna will build up and go darker - i want to go lighter red.

So... my questions are:

Is there anything I can do to make my already henna coloured hair lighter red-copper?

Which of your products should I buy for the roots?

What mix of products should I use? My first mix was 100% henna with lemon juice and a tiny bit of tea.

If I use a brighter mix, will the roots be bright and the lengths dark, and if so what can I do to blend it?

Should I mix with acidic (lemon juice) or chamomile tea?

One last question, I live in the UK - is there an ecconomical way to post here? Or do you have a supplier here you trust/recommend?

Thanks very much for your time and ideas all,

Henna has helped my hair a ton, and also helps us to look after our health and the health of our environments better :)


You may want to try and lift some color. You might be able to lighten your auburn to copper. Look here for suggestions. http://forums.hennapage.com/node/5497

After you get the length the color you want, do fresh roots as they grow in with a short application or a diluted mix. You can either use part cassia and part henna, or dry a gloss which you can read about here: http://forums.hennapage.com/node/21

The best way to get a international order from Mahandi shipped at the best price is to email your order. That way a real person will figure your rate, and they're pretty good at taking advantage of flat rate boxes and such. Sometimes they'll even take kits out of their external packaging to make them fit so you pay less!

Hi there,

Thanks for the info!

I had  a look at the removing henna page. I went to my hairdresser to get a cut and he tried to do a highlight with peroxide to see if the henna would lift - nothing!

So the honey option looks good for me... I really don´t want to do anything chemical...

But I am interested in cassia - if I mix cassia in should I do half cassia and half henna?

Thanks again!

Hi again,

Looking at the gloss pages - am I correct in thinking that a gloss for light - ash brown to go coppery - red is a conditioner mixed with the pure henna paste made with chamomile?

If I apply this just to the roots is it a less intense version of the henna?

Or would I be better off doing a 50%henna 50%cassia mix?

Thanks for your help!

I will email through my order once I know!

Both the cassia 50/50 mix and a gloss are a less intense version of a full strength henna application. A half and half henna cassia mix will produce a stronger, darker color than gloss mixes.

You can find cassia here: http://www.mehandi.com/shop/cassiaobovatabuy.html

Mehandi do do very resonable shipping costs, however, it is the import tax for the UK on top that is the real killer. I try to bulk buy my henna but even then I pay more than I pay for my order in shipping and import. Until someone over here stocks it, it is just expensive. 


if you read my post 'How to look more ginger/natural redhead and less dyed??'

You will find that you are in the exact same situation as me almost!

i have just used bleach last nigt to lighten my hair with henna in it, and it's gone like an actual flame.

It's all uneven because I was bad at applying the bleach... soooo now I have henna, mixed with cassia for the first time, on my head. I mixed it last night and left it to sit for 12 hours. I have now had it on for 2 hours and am rinsing after 4 hours because I have a job interview later. Check back on here in the eveening to see how mine turned out. Hope this helps!!

P.S superdrug sell wash in wash out dye for 1.29 which lasts about 4 washes and i find this definately adds a lot more copper into my already henna'd hair XD

Hi there,

Wow that sounds like a lot for your hair to go through - is it ok??!!! Is it dry?

I saw on your thread that you used peroxide but it didn´t work on my hair!

Where did you get cassia from - am I right in thinking that half cassia half henna is a good mix for a lighter red then?

Good luck with the job interview!

yes, half cassia, half henna will produce a lighter red. HOW light depends on how strong the henna is ;)

Thanks for all the advice...
Am going to try a honey lightener
Then half cassia half henna on and see how I go...

What strength henna lawsome content should I go for? A little above 2%?

Will keep updating!

It doesn't matter which dye content you get since, if you get a high dye content one like Twilight, you can adjust the total dye uptake downward by using less henna in your mix (whether it's a gloss with conditioner or a cassia/henna mix). You can also get lighter color by leaving it on a shorter period of time.

Ok great thanks so much for all of your help.
Will give it a try after a honey lightening and see what I can come up with!
Thanks again!