How to adjust my colour from deep reddish brown to ash brown?

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How to adjust my colour from deep reddish brown to ash brown?

I've been using henna for many years now.  I love the deep reds I get from Rajasthani henna.  I used to use it with a bit of indigo but the last half year I have used it on it's own and still got a deep red on my grays.  I've now decided the reddish hair just isn't suiting my face and I want to go back to my natural gray (which is a salt and pepper with dark brown & gray)  Before I do that I want to turn my hair colour as brown as I can get it.  That way it will blend in a little better with my dark brown coming in and I won't have 3 colours in my hair.  I have amla, indigo , & henna but am not sure what combination to mix up (50% henna, 25% indigo, 25% amla?)  and how long to leave it on my hair that's already had henna on it (I normally would go 4 hours doing roots only).    Maybe this isn't the route to take at all and maybe I should just let my gray hair grow in with the red/brown.  It IS lighter than my natural brown that's for sure.  I plan to dye my hair part (I have medium length hair) for a few months in the growing out process.

Any ideas ?  Thanks.   I've checked out ideas from ladies who have gone gray using chemical hair dye but it's a different situation with henna.

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Ash brown


You're pretty close. equal parts henna and indigo will result in medium brunette hair (may be darker if you're already starting with a deep red) and the more indigo you add, the deeper the brown. Amla will always be 1/4 of the henna weight, so if you use 100g henna, you'll need 25g amla. The amla will tone out thr redder tones for your more neutral/cool brown.

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