Orange roots help please!

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Orange roots help please!

I normally use 50/50 twilight and indigo one step process. The indigo fades so quickly on my grey roots so I did an experiment to see how my hair would look without indigo and used twilight and amla on my roots. It is way too orange so I need to go over again with henna and indigo. My question is how long should I leave it on for?  I don't want to go black. I was thinking an hour? Normally I leave on for 4 hrs but that is on grey, now it's orange I'm not sure. Thank you!!

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Hello, I would recommend mixing 2 tsp indigo with water into a little paste, mixing that with 1/4 cup regular conditioner, and leaving it on your hair for 15-20 minutes. If it still isn't dark enough after rinsing, you can repeat that process as many times as needed, and increasing indigo concentration and time as needed.

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