how is my henna artwork? any tips?

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how is my henna artwork? any tips?

so ive been doing henna as a hobby for about a year off and on, im not a professional or anything. i use premade dulhan cones since i havent made profit off of it. the thing is, i was offered a very big opportunity to do henna at an event(veryyy big event and this kind of opportunity comes once in a blue moon.) but in order for me to do the event, i need to make a portfolio. now the henna being applied at this event most likely wont be on the hands, more like torso, side, back, shoulder, pelvic, etc. now im asking, how can i best present myself? are there things im missing? im not the fastest, how can i be more efficient? im sure i need to make my own cones, what supplies, powder etc is best to use? im very stressed as i have 2.5 weeks to complete a portfolio, and i feel as though i need some better artwork. any suggestions for types of designs? the people most likely wont be looking for intricate henna, more like the one on the belly/sides like in my album. take a look and also just any tips on how i can get better? thanks!  

i didnt realize you need facebook to see the actual album, so i attached them individually here:












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Re: how is my henna artwork? any tips?

You could use a little better line control. Some of that will happen almost like magic if you learn to mix your own paste. That's because you can mix to a consistency that is perfectly suited to the way you work.

You can improve your design flow by studying the work of others and by doodling with paper and pencil.

I really like the wings and mic. Keep it up!

To improve your speed work for free or tips in a busy place. 

Be careful not to take a job if you're worried it might be over your head. No need to start off with a bad reputation if you can't get the job done well. There is always another great opportunity down the road if you're not up to this one, but if you take it before you're ready you could cut yourself off from the next break.

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Re: how is my henna artwork? any tips?

Your work is good!  You will probably have an easier time and be faster with your own paste, like Jen said.  Premade cones are harder to work with and the paste is often too thick.

 I had done many bridals and Ethnic (Indian) events, but just started festivals this summer. I bought design books from "fun fivers" ($5 designs)and "terrific tenners"($10 designs).  They are only $5 each, downloadable of send as a pdf email attchment.  They are great.  I suggest you order them, get some good henna, cone it up, and practice like crazy.  I f you can quickly and comfortably do all the fivers and tenners, you should be ok.  If not, probably better to sit this one out.  It should take less than 5 minutes (all together) for a $5 and less than 10 minutes for a $10.

Try to keep your cone tip off the skin as you work. You will get a smoother line.  Also try to vary thicker and thinner lines to give your designs more depth.

If you decide to do the festival, get some glitter to "poof" over the henna.  It is eyecatching and also does help prevent henna smudges etc. at festivals.


Good luck!

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