KInd of giving up on henna

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KInd of giving up on henna

Hi.  I so love the idea of henna and the other natural products available on the AS website and all the forums and the PDF book chapters are so wonderful for learning.  It's been a few months now and three applications of the AS henna for gray hair to auburn kits, following instructions given.  Sigh.  The hint of orange just doesn't go away and it's just not good with my skin tones, making my age look more than it needs to.  It's never really gone to auburn.  I am just about to turn back to chemical dyes to get the mahogany I like on the main part of the hair shaft with a nice medium brown root that covers the gray, but fades as it grows out.  I guess I'm asking for one last reassurance that my hair won't snap or break or whatever when I revert to the chemical dye.  I get it from a professional hair salon supply store, so it's of a higher quality than "grocery store" brands.  I use a 20 developer.  Are you sure my hair won't start falling out and/or breaking off?  Kind of scared...

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If you wanted to tone out the orange so it is more of a deep brownish red, I would suggest adding a small amount of indigo to your mix. That should fix it up pretty easily. If you want to go back to chemical dyes, you can use them without any problem as long as you've only used AS henna. Our products will not react to other products.

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