want a change from Twilight

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want a change from Twilight


I've been using Twilight for years and I really do love it but I'm fickle and want a change. I'm naturally grey, not a pretty grey though so that is not really an option for me. But I would like to go lighter. I don't want to do any lightening treatments (bleach, honey, etc) so I figure that I'll just switch what henna i'm using. 

Would you recommend Monsoon or Jasmine? Also, I was using chamomile tea as my acid but I think I"m having a reaction to that so I'd like to try the acids sold on mehandi.com I have extremely sensitive skin and develop dryness very easiy. I don' t want to be orangey but I don't want to be so auburn anymore either.

What do you suggest as the best combo for a lighter redder color with gentle acid?

Also, do the acids come with instructions for dye release time?

edit: should I try one of the kits such as Fire? I would eventually like to go blonde again but IDK if that is even possible at this point. I would be fine doing it as an "ombre"

Thanks so much!

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I would recommend Jasmine, as it is a lighter coppery tone, but a similar color to Twilight. Just not as dark.  For acid, I would recommend the Kristalovino, which is one of our more gentle ones. The Malluma Kristalovino is the *most* gentle, but it will cause the henna to be a little bit darker.

The dye release will still be 8-12 hours at room temperature.

The Fire is fairly bright orangey, as it is a 50/50 mix of twilight and cassia. I would recommend starting with the Jasmine henna, and then slowly adding cassia if you want to transition to blonde. At that time, you might need to change your acid or add a little bit of indigo to calm down any brighter tones.

If you have any additional questions, feel free to ask!


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