A Little Gray in the Hairline

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A Little Gray in the Hairline

Hello,   This is regarding an article that I found on this website dealing with covering gray in the hairline.  Somebody on the site was talking about  (Situation) they had great henna coverage on their hair, but, Not the hairline area. And, One of your people (Hennaforhair) Made a point, they use,  I believe, suggested that they use Conditioner, and Henna, I believe there was more to it. But they told them to use Condition, and Henna, Then mix it up and put it on the hairline, And they should see a difference, It should blend in well with the color of hair they were trying  to get.  Well, from what I've read on this website, This person did what your people told them to do. And, I blended in nicely , it was great,  With a Thank You at the end, of satisfaction. 

Now: Does anyone know anything about this, the using Conditioner, and henna to make the hairline  blend in with the rest of the hair, if it does not do it the first time, I believe there was more to it then that, the Conditioner, and Henna I think had more to it than that, Not sure, can't find the article. Can anyone help on this subject.

Correct me if I'm wrong.

I look forward to hearing from you, when you have a chance.    It's appreciated.   I will leave this alone now before I make it more confusing. 

Thank you in Advance.  

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I believe you may be referring to a gloss, where a henna mixture is combined with conditioner as a touch-up technique. This is not as strong or permanent as a full henna treatment, but can be used to touch up areas that were missed. To be honest, when it comes to roots and hairline, I would recommend just going over those areas with a full strength henna mixture, as a those areas can be more dye resistant and a gloss may not be strong enough to do the trick.

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