Lawsone content: Monsoon vs. Jasmine

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Lawsone content: Monsoon vs. Jasmine

On the Mehandi shopping page Rajasthani Monsoon is described as having 1.7% lawsone content.  Rajasthani Jasmine is described as having 2% lawsone content.  The description for Jasmine says it won't cover gray as well as "higher content" hennas. Does this mean that the Twilight is the only option for covering gray?

Also, with lower dye content, can repeated applications cover gray?  I've never had a problem covering gray in the past, but there are two spots (the "sideburn" area so to speak) that took 5 applications of Twilight henna to get a light gold-red color!  I tend to be a mad scientist when it comes to my hair, so there's no problem mixing Twilight for some hair, Jasmine for other sections, etc.  Also, I highlight my hair with different hennas and it works beautifully.  I just want to make sure I can cover my weird two white "spots"!

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Lower Dye Content

Depending on the resistance of the gray hair, the results with Monsoon or jasmine may vary. Some people achieve coverage easily, and some people require longer processing times or additional applications. If the henna does not fully cover, it would come out like a lighter, coppery/golden tone, which can look like highlights. Feel free to play around with it to see what works with you!

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