Used henna, hair turned green. Need advice please!

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Used henna, hair turned green. Need advice please!


A year and a half ago I dyed my hair with henna. I used the Surya Brasil brand I went to Mexico and my hair started to turn green (!). I talked to some colorists about this and they said that this can happen specifically when indigo dyed hair comes in contact with water containing certain metals or minerals. I was getting married soon so I tried a lot of different things to get the green out of my hair. After many different trials a stylist was finally able to cover it up for a time. I'm terrified of using henna again but I don't want to put chemicals on my head so I'm asking you all for help.

Although I don't plan on returning to Mexico, I don't ever want to risk my hair turning green again. I've heard that using henna by itself without indigo might be safe? Do you think the indigo is what caused my hair to turn green? I'm trying to get a dark brown color. Is it possible to use henna by itself and achieve a dark brown color or will henna only give me a red color?

Any information is greatly appreciated. Thank you.

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Henna and Indigo


It sounds like you got some not-so-great henna, potentially containing things other than plant powders. A green result is virtually impossible when you use Ancient Sunrise products. Green sometimes happens if hair with a large amount of indigo is lightened, or if the henna didn't stain the hair and only the indigo did.

What is your current hair color? Based on that, I can recommend you a mix. Henna on its own will create red, auburn or red-brown hair depending on what you start with, but if you want a true dark brown, some amount of indigo will be necessary.

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