Going Natural after henna

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Going Natural after henna


I realize this may be sacriliage, but has anyone tried putting grey/white highlights on top of hair that was hennaed several months ago?

I've been hennaing, and now Hendigoing my hair for about 10 years. I have naturally dark espresso, almost black, brown hair and quite a bit or white on the crown. It's white, not grey, and has grown in as a neat streak (think Rogue from X-men). It's alo increasingly difficult and labor intensive to color w/o just looking orange, which throws off my other coloring. I'm beginning to consider letting it go white. just wondering if anyone has experiences dying their hennaed white into grey/white highlights while letting the rest of the hair revert to natural.

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White Highlights


Bleaching hennaed hair is definitely possible, but getting even virgin hair to a platinum shade takes a ton of lightener and toner, and you may risk damaging your hair to breaking point before you reach that shade. I'd recommend going the opposite way and hennaing lowlights into your root growth so that as your natural hair grows out, you have sections of both natural and henna. decrease the amount of lowlights as it grows out to create a gradual transition into your white hair.

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