Help with mix haven't mixed in quite awhile

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Help with mix haven't mixed in quite awhile
Hi, i always buy Jamila i bought 2013 crop, i've always used lemon, tea tree, cajput, and lavender terps, i double sifted my powder, noticed small lumps, put through strainer after mixed, still have small lumps, i don't understand what i'm doing wrong. i used tea bag and some coffee beans from India, i triple strained that. can anyone help. it's a little looser than i want but i'm going to wait till tomorrow to see if it thickens a little Thank you all myna102
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Re: Help with mix haven't mixed in quite awhile
Put it through a food processor, that should give you a perfectly smooth consistency. You can often find processors very cheaply at a thrift store, just get one and label it "henna only" so you don't end up with essential-oil-flavored food at a later date.
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Food Processor for Henna

Do you suggest using food processor to sift the dry henna powder ?  To grind it up more?  Or do you use food processor to blend all wet and dry ingredients (pwdr, oils, juice)? Does using food processor mean you wont have to strain dry henna or wet paste??

Is there any company that sells a dry henna that does not need at home sifting or straining?? I like to make my own henna paste but HATE these extra steps!

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Re: Help with mix haven't mixed in quite awhile
That's odd as jamila is well known for having the finest sift around. Are you using loose tea/coffee?
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small lumps

some people use a real sheer fabric i use a mesh strainer dollar store, run it through twice any lumps left i'm seen people throw that little bit away 


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