Please help a henna newbie...

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Please help a henna newbie...

Hi there. I'm seeking advice on which Henna to buy from Mehandi. I'm trying to decide between the following Ancient Sunrise Hennas: Rajasthani Twilight, Rajasthani Monsoon, Henna for African Hair, or Jasmine Henna for Delicate Hair; unless someone thinks I should try the options for gray hair.  

My hair stats: extremely short (about 2 to 2.5 inches), very fine natural hair (no relaxer or color), type 3b & 3c African American hair, dark brown with some gray around the hairline.

Desired Outcome: I would like to have a reddish brown or possibly coppery-brown end result. Can anyone tell me which henna to order for my hair to achieve this color? Also, please correct me if I'm wrong, but I don't think I need indigo, but do I need cassia or amla? Lastly, should I use apple juice and/or tea instead of lemon since my hair is fine? Any help you can give is greatly appreciated. Thanks so much!

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Jasmine/African tends to be

Jasmine/African tends to be more coppery, Monsoon can have rosey undertones, and Twilight is more Auburn.  They all give nice shades.  You won't need any indigo, unless you don't want your grays to be a brighter tone. You could always do henna first, then add indigo later if you end up not liking it.  It is harder to go lighter, but easy to go darker.  =]

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