Dark, dark brown hair, roots deep orange.

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Dark, dark brown hair, roots deep orange.


I have dark, dark brown hair and gray roots, I wanted kinda deep mahogany all over, the company said to order auburn.  I put black coffee in mix, let henna sit 12 hours dyed hair left in 2hours and roots now are like a fire orange, help!!! At 1st were orange but have gotten to a deeper orange.

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Good morning!

Good morning!

I wouldn't recommend coffee, it doesn't do much for the henna.  You can use cranberry juice, apple juice, or lemon juice just to name a few =]

Your henna may be ready in 8 hours, rather than 12.  If you stick your finger in the mix, within a few minutes, you should see a pain stain that looks like an orange hi-liter stain.  You will want to leave this on your hair as long as you for a deeper stain.  2 hours will stain, but leaves the gray roots orange.  I would recommend at least 6. 

Something else that can help is if you put the henna in the fridge for 24 hours, then take it out and apply, that can help deepen the color a little as well.


You may need to add in a little bit of indigo.  I would strand test.  You can email us at helpdesk@mehandi.com if you need help with a ratio.


I hope this helps!

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