the red-orange dilemma

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the red-orange dilemma

I see a lot of people on this forum that are not happy about the cheeto orange shades you can get with henna.  I wanted to share my experience with you.

About a year ago I decided to take the henna plunge.  My hair is long, med-dark brown with about 15% gray.  My husbands is the same color.  We both henna'd, he used Jamila 09 and I tried PP. He came out day-glo orange and I was beauteous gorgeous red with no hint of the orange. Many hennas later his hair has matured into a darker color, but it still carries a lingering orange tone that will not go away.  I have always used PP or more recently DOM and have never, ever, had any orange.  I am now a cherry cola indoors and light up a gorgeous red in the sun. 

Moral of this story - you do not have to accept orange,, in spite of all the people who say that all the BAQ hennas are the same, I don't believe it.  I can say for certain that PP does not go orange, and Jamila most certainly does.  I did his hair yesterday and he is now in front of a window, with that familiar orange glow, even though he has done several full hennas with purity/DOM and or PP to try to get rid of it.  It will pretty much oxidize darker, but the orange  undertone is there to stay.  I wouldn't touch jamila with a 10 foot pole, even though it is high quality, it is ORANGE to the core.  DOM also shows no orange, but I am only doing roots now to prevent getting darker.  Speaking of color, Purity is quite brownish on us.

Because wet roots combined with long dry hair is hard to manage, I now do my roots with henna then mix up some senna powder with water (it's similar to cassia)  and use that on the rest of my hair.  It's quite inexpensive at Mountain Rose Herbs and does a great job of conditioning my hair too... it also makes it slippery and tends to prevent the henna from running.   Easy rinse out too.  As long as I'm sharing all my secrets with you, I discovered that the processing caps you get at Sallys (very inexpensive) work just as well as the saran wrap, and are a whole lot easier to deal with.  Now I just pop on a double bag, wrap it up in a towel, and am good to go.

If you have not tried them, take a look around Mountain Rose Herbs, they have a huge selection of high quality, organic products at very attractive prices.  I have never been disappointed with anything I got there.

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Re: the red-orange dilemma

Actually, I've gotten quite orange results on my grey roots with DOTM as well as Yemen. I'm now going for Celebration straight on to try and get a truer, deeper red. Purity tends to be more brown-orange, but when mixed with indigo & amla I have managed a nice red auburn.

I suspect another factor that comes into play is individual differences in hair itself. Everyone's hair is different, just as our chemical makeup is different. I'm certain that will skew results too.

Thanks for the tips about the caps! Saran wrap can be a real pain sometimes.

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