new to using henna

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new to using henna
Hello! I wanted to know which henna i should use for reddish tones (not firey red). My hair is dark brown with a few gray strands in the front. What products and steps do i take to mix it? Thanks in advance!
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Re: new to using henna

I would say probably Raj. Twilight from (this forum's host site). Mix with apple juice until its a lumpy paste (don't try to mix it smooth yet), press plastic wrap to the surface and let it dye release for 6 - 8 hours. Test for dye release by dabbing a bit on the palm of your hand. When you get an obvious orange stain (like an orange peel), its ready.

Apply to freshly washed (5 minutes before fresh), towel dried hair. Cover with plastic wrap, a grocery bag or cheap shower cap, then a beanie or scarf to keep it warm, and leave on for about 5 hours. Wash out and give it a week to oxidize. It WILL be intensely orange the first few days, don't panic! Its normal! It'll settle down and turn more dark auburn to cherry cola colored over time. It'll have more dark copper to light auburn-ish tones in the sun.

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Re: new to using henna

I too have dark brown to black hair with gray around my hair line. I sought henna to get rid of the gray hair and to add warmth to my brown hair. I used the Henna kit for Gray hair. I purchased it at Mehandi. Since I had no idea what color I really wanted my hair to be, I decided to start with Henna only and next time If I wanted it darker, I'd use the Indigo. I applied my Henna and Amla mix about 9 pm and went to sleep. I rinsed it out a about 7 am. I was very pleased to see no gray hair. The formerly gray hair was a bright shiny copper color. My brown hair was more of a very dark auburn. I am in love. It's been 4 days since my first henna treatment and my hair is a little darker in color. Because I want my gray hair just a tad darker, I think I'll add a couple tablespoons of indigo next month. I hope this helps.
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