two tone henna design idea

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two tone henna design idea

I have been experementing with my henna mixes a lot lately, i felt i got a pretty good hang of it in the winter but this heat and humidity is really changing it up for me. i recently made a big batch of henna for me(like 10 small cones),and accidentally let the mix sit for too long before i put it in cones and froze best i can get a sort of rusty brown color, even on my palms, and it only lasts about half as long. i have found a use for it however! i make a design with a normal staining mix and then go back with one of these poor staining cones and fill in things, and basically add new details and stuff, then wrap the whole thing in toilet tissue and sleap on it, when i scrape it off before work it comes out quite well! the design will have two distinct colors and really makes it look nice, without having to stain for ten minutes and wipe off and redo. to get sharper lines make sure the first set of lines are completely dry before you start with the second color, so they don't bleed together. does anybody else do this? i dunno maybe it's dumb but i thought i would pass it along for people who happen to have a bad batch of cones sitting in the corner of their freezer like i will try to upload pictures in the morning, after i scrape the design i made tonight off.

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Re: two tone henna design idea

Hey this is a great idea! thanks for the post!  I have a bad habit of letting my henna sit to long too!  Now I know what to do with it! :0)

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Re: two tone henna design idea

Nice idea!

I want to see those pictures!

Karen W
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Re: two tone henna design idea

I'd love to see the pics.  Great idea!

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Re: two tone henna design idea

Old or poor staining henna can also be used on crafts, in hair or on nails.

For two toning henna, I use my regular paste and apply it to the areas I wish to two tone once my stain is mature, then leave it on for 5 minutes and wipe it off. I really like the bright orange pumpkin with the fully mature brown shades.

Please post some pics!


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