High-fashion and modelling

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High-fashion and modelling

 I think we all have heard that slim/thin/anorectic models are preferred in fashion industry because 'clothes fit better on thin body'.

Now - I don't know. This new collection makes me really sad. Model looks starving, lifeless and sad and clothes do not fit at all. I found myself thinking that this collection would probably looked better on hangers.


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Re: High-fashion and modelling

Wow, it really doesn't help that all the photos have the model looking like she's just "hanging" there, all limp! What's really sad is that we DO THIS TO OURSELVES! In college, I learned about a study where women and men were asked to rate the most attractive female form from a range, and women consistently chose a significantly skinnier silohuette than men.. I can't find that study, but here's an interesting article:


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