Self-made ... persons? Personalities?

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Self-made ... persons? Personalities?

I have a lecture at school named 'Exoticism in pop-cultuer' and we watched one documentary in our last lecture which I would like to share with you.

You know the term 'self made man' but in this film you will meet 'self made personality'. He or she? Other refer to Thoth as he... But as a created personality he is worth of watching.
Those of you who like to watch American Idol may have seen Thoth 'boooood'-presentation and if you know nothing about and will see only packed-3minutes-referring-clip of Thoth repertoire it is... quite confusing, hard to understand and makes either scream boooo or shrug.

So I hope you won't find it wasted time, 42 minutes: Thoth

I would be most happy reading your comments or impressions or notes. :)

I was impressed. After film finished I felt like standing up and giving applause. Althou I am not 100% sure would it be applause for Thoth as Thoth is... for documentary... for filmmakers... for Thoth as a person...  Not sure. Certainly for Thoth as a perfomer - it is Something to give such a show.

Hope you enjoy and have thoughts to share. :)

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Re: Self-made ... persons? Personalities?

Actually I really enjoyed the show, the film I mean! Thanks for the link posted here. Determining whether you can be a self-made person is very important. Like such documentaries greatly!

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