First African American bridal henna-need help

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First African American bridal henna-need help

 Next week I will be doing my first African-American bridal. I have done henna on dark skin before but never more than a plam or outer hand. Has anyone done dark skin bridal before and if so, do you have pictures/links that I can see please?

Also, can I perhaps add indigo to the henna to increase the stain to show up more? If no, is there anything to help darken the stain to show up on dark skin??

Any help would be appreciated. I am really excited but nervous as I dont want the bride to end up disappointed because the henna didnt show up as well. 


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Re: First African American bridal henna-need help

 Don't add indigo. They henna and indigo like opposite environments to stain well and mixing the two for use on skin doesn't really help. It will just make a paste that is rather diluted and has a texture that's not what you're used to. Just use good, well mixed henna with good terps.

Try to work with bolder, heavier lines if you can. Make sure to tell the woman that on dark skin the color doesn't show well, or sometimes even hardly at all on dark skin. Tell her that the color WILL pop out no matter how light it seems when she first removes the paste. Tell her NOT to scrub at it. Often when women see that theres not much color when they remvove the paste, they think it "didn't work" and start scrubbing at the light orange shawdow that is there. Don't let her do that because that will keep the color from coming in the way it should.

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