Has anyone verified "organic" product claims from overseas suppliers?

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Has anyone verified "organic" product claims from overseas suppliers?

Has anyone verified "organic" product claims from overseas suppliers? Meaning, (at minimum) you have requested and received the laboratory test results for the organic batch in question.

Also, if anyone can provide the name of a US based testing lab so I can have a product tested to confirm the organic claim (if so, what is the price you have paid to have a batch tested)?



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Re: Has anyone verified "organic" product claims from ...

 Independant lab testing is very pricey which is why were the only ones (as far as I know) who do it. There are some other false ways to count dye content, and some manufacturers are now supplying their own tests, but I'm sure you can imagine how flattering those are! I really don't have the details on this stuff, but I've asked Catherine to stop by and share what she knows.

I'll tell you what I DO know about organic certifications. The ONLY country where henna can grow where the USDA recognizes the thieir organic program is India. MOSTLY I've only seen orgainic labels on henna from India, so that's square at least. If you've ever done business in India you may know that a certification or liscense is bought about as easily as its earned. I'd LOVE to see some tests results on products wearing that label! On top of that did you know that a product can wear that "USDA Organic" seal as long as the products are -get this- 70% organic. Truth!

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Re: Has anyone verified "organic" product claims from ...

 I have done lab testing on "organic" henna.  Yes, there was pesticide residue, mostly synthetic pytrethrins.  I'm not sure if they're considering synthetic pyrethrins as organic or whether the test was less than ideal.  I test every shipment for pesticides through Alkemist Laboratories.  They do a LUKE II assay, which is the standard for California, and it costs $450.  The only perfectly clean results I ever got was on henna from Yemen.  Everything else has SOME pesticide residue.  I'm willing to accept a little pyrethrin residue, or relatively benign things if lower than 1 part per million. Those extremely low levels usually turn up something consistent with being blown in on the wind from another crop. That's not something a farmer can really control. If I see levels of anything higher, or if I see organophosphates, I look for a different supplier. 

I've seen some of the lab reports purporting to show "organic" henna ... "We found no evidence of pesticide".  That is seriously unacceptable.  I want to see numbers, and I want those numbers independently verifiable.

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