nosey/mystery henna

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nosey/mystery henna

I was planning on working this festival and it didn't work out because someone else got there first....

Haven't been able to stop by their booth yet but saw someone I know with a tattoo and chatted about it...

It's green paste, which I've seen and tried with before that didn't do anything...I realize though all henna is different. She said the girl sprayed lemon juice on her arm first, nothing over the top, just told her to let it dry and it would flake off it about 35 minutes and would last about 2 weeks...what henna does that??

I have some celebration that I've been working with (I'm the farmer's market girl...) and some that I kept on even for a few minutes would stay a light orange/brown for a couple days, but this stuff just has me really curious...or call it nosey....:D

I do plan to stop by and get some done yet and ask a few questions...does this sound normal?

Also, while we're on the subject, another question about some mystery henna I've gotten from North Africa. It's a mustardy color,sometimes more green and smells normal. I've seen it used numerous ways in the refugee camps I work in, but I've NEVER seen or heard anything about dye release. When I mentioned it to someone last time they thought i was crazy and didn't know anything about henna. They sometimes sift, mix it with hot water, sometimes add some sugar and will rewet with a citrus juice, use it immediately and it leaves a decent stain!! That is to do freehand stuff- otherwise they'll mix it chunky like peanut butter, slap on a sticker stencil, put the henna on like a thick mud bath, wrap and leave for a few hours. Again, a great stain. I feel like it's safe, it's just the powder and I watch them mix it....same question: does this sound at all normal???

Nosey and Puzzled,


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Re: nosey/mystery henna

Sounds relatively normal-ish to me. 

In the UK summer, when the weather is sunny my henna paste will probably stay on the skin for half an hour before starting to fall off. I tell my customers that the stain will last between 1 week and 3 weeks, and all my customers turn this into 'two weeks' when they tell each other. 

The term 'dye release' is a relatively recent term and probably not something that the people in your refugee camps would be familiar with. They will be using henna the way they have been taught, not the way the collective on-line henna community has developed and experimented with! Their way of mixing henna and applying it is normal for them. I imagine our methods would seem hilariously fussy!


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Re: nosey/mystery henna

Hot water causes henna to dye release extremely fast.  Within minutes, easy.  If it is used immediately, it will absolutely stain well.  I am sensitive to lemon juice and essential oils, so I use this technique to get the most out of this weaker recipe.  The problem with "hot mixes" is that they are unstable.  If the henna isn't used immediately, the dye will demise within a few hours and the paste won't stain anymore. 

Henna left on skin for 35 minutes might leave a stain that lasts 2 weeks, albeit a weak stain.  My son stains deep, dark brown after that long, but this isn't the norm for everyone.  As for her method, I'm gonna guess she's probably either new to henna or a member of the "that's the way I was taught to do it" contingent. 

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Re: nosey/mystery henna

I am not a professional but I have done several volunteer events this summer. I mix my own henna with Jamilla 09, warm lemon juice, sugar and lavender EOs (sometimes I add coffee instead of lemon juice).

I have had a bunch of cones i mixed up in the late spring and still use on friends and family. They usually leave it on for abotu 30 to 45 minutes and it leaves a long lasting stain that lasts for about 1 or 2 weeks. So I usualy tell people I henna to leave it on for as long as they can but if they can only leave it for 45 min it will stain as well.

So seems pretty normal to me.

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Re: nosey/mystery henna

A couple of days ago, I mixed up some powder I had leftover and not properly stored from at least a year ago, I applied it yesterday, and washed it off after about an hour.  My stain it now a nice brown, and I suspect it will last for at least a week, so it's not that unusual, especially if it's hot out.

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