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 Do all of you just paint from scratch?  Or, do some of you use those fancy pants pencils to pre-draw so that if you decide you don't like it you can just wipe it away before you start? you like them?  Where do you get them?  I would think that some people might like to know what you are (sort of) going to do to them before you start with the "good stuff"!  What do you guys think?

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Re: Pre-drawing

 I usually work free hand but I have a drawing on paper so a client can know what to expect. When I do use a stencil or water color pencil I do it for myself not the client. I do it for designs that need to be pretty symmetrical or have complicated patterns like knot work. I only do the most important lines that will help me through the design.

You can find the pencils here: and transfer paper here:

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Re: Pre-drawing

I have only done a few but so far have found for asymetrical designs I don't like the added fuss and time of drawing for something symetrical I would be a wreck if i didn't draw it first but not all of it needs drawn in just enough I know it will keep me where I need to be. The first couple I drew almost everything but after going to Empire and having one done where she freehanded a dragon on me she did it so quickly and it just flowed I made myself not draw my next one and it went really well.

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Re: Pre-drawing

I have design books which people choose from, and if they choose something that won't fit the area they want hennaing, I adapt it so that it does fit, but I explain that this is what I will do.

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