We got in a new shipment and sent it for lawsone testing .... came back 3.4% This is 3.4% lawsone content looks like when its fading ... on a really cloudy overcast day. Sorry I couldn't get a better shot. I applied the henna last Saturday, and now its Thursday. Its very pretty in real life, but the camera just isn't loving it. There's two applications here, one that's all the black lines, then a lighter tone that I applied with stale paste for 2 minutes. I didn't get a good picture of my own hand at peak because the light just wouldn't cooperate, but yeh, it was unlike any henna I've had from anywhere else, ever! More tests and picx coming along soon ...


That... is astounding. I'm planning to buy some when it's vailable (if the funds permit... hope they do. The only henna I have left is some practice paste and some old powder from the Indian grocery in town that may or may not have green dye in it...)

Are there any terps in this? You mentioned in the Thursday shares threat that it was very thirsty and had a sweet tooth; how much liquid and sugar are we talking about here?

Luna and I have done three tests between us, and yes, we terped.  Some caj+something or other from the shop.

She did an absolutely GORGEOUS back of the hand that was darker than anything I've ever seen from real henna.  Pic coming next week.  Celebration +  plenty of lemon juice and a good shot of terps. She used more lemon juice than I because that's the way she mixes.

I did one batch with lemon juice and no sugar, and terps, a rather stiff mix.  Cracked and fell off the skin and looked like hell. Epic fail.

Next round, for what you see above, I mixed in fructose until the henna strung out like pancake batter, and had an Epic Win.  It took ages to dry, but I can live with that.  I sealed it with Sally's Frozen Stiff (I think that's the name) hair spray, and slept unwrapped.  Next morning, the henna still stuck to my skin like tar and didn't have a single crack or flake off.

I've got a wrist to elbow section that's darker than anything I've ever had before, but I can't hold the camera at an angle to photograph it.

Definitely no sifting.

We've got three tons of it, so we're not going to run out anytime soon.

*rubs hands together* I can't WAIT! I mixed my last box of purity last night, so I'm ready to play with celebration.

That is a beautiful stain! And the pattern is amazing also.