Glitter and gilding questions

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Glitter and gilding questions

 I'm just starting to add glitter/gilding/rhinestones to my henna business and have a few questions.

What is the best way to apply loose glitter? My superfine glitter is in small tubes, so far I've just gently tapped the tube and let the glitter fall on the design but I don't feel I have alot of control over where it falls. What techniques do others use, especially when you apply 2 different colors to different parts of the design? I have been applying it to the wet paste but on large designs where part of the paste dries as you are still working what do you do to get the glitter to stick? Do you apply a sealant and then glitter? I have an acordian style puff bottle to try to blow the extra glitter away but are there any other techniques?

I've heard that some people brush the glitter on the wet paste but I'm not sure how that is done. Also are there any negative issues with using glitter glue (the kind with really fine glitter and a fine tip) to do designs? I've made my own glitter gel with hair gel but the tubes always leak and the silver/gold always explodes into a mess so I thought I'd try the glitter glue.

I've made gilding gel with hair gel and the Mehron gold gilding powder and put it in cones to apply but recently heard than some people actually use a paintbrush to apply that rather than putting in tubes. I'd appreciate any tips.

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Re: Glitter and gilding questions

 When I've seen people apply glitter with a brush it is a matter of dipping the brush in glitter and tapping the brush over the design.

My favorite way to apply glitter is with a squeeze bottle. Just "poof" it out!

Don't seal first or the glitter will stick everwhere the seal went! Personally I don't think that glitter and seal go well together unless you're using hairspray as seal. That seems to do ok over glitter.

You may have to work with glitter in stages if you're slow or if you're doing large pieces so that the paste will still be wet.

One thing that I know helps is to clean skin with alcohol before you apply the henna. Freshly cleaned skin won't make the henna stick where it doesn't belong leaving a clean look.

Don't use glitter glue! It probably doesn't have skin safe polyester glitter. It could be aluminum or even glass! I try to avoid anything that wasn't intended for use on skin. There are lots of products like Glittermark or Liquid Bling that are made for use on skin.

As with anything else, just make sure to spend time trying things and learn what works for you by trial and error before you dive in with your paying clients.

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