My Celebration henna got in today!

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My Celebration henna got in today!

I'm not going to mix it right now - I bought it specifically for a birthday party that's not for 3 more weeks.  Normally I mix my henna with table sugar, lemon juice, and lavender oil together at once and then let it sit for 12ish hours at room temp (about 75 degrees F). Will this do with Celebration, or should I add the fructose and oil after dye release? And is there a difference in dye release time?

Also, I've never used fructose before. Is there a difference in the amount of fructose vs table sugar?

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Re: My Celebration henna got in today!

Fructose/dextrose sucks up more water faster than sucrose (sugar).  Monosaccarides vs disaccharides: mono sucks better than di.

Do a stiffish mix.  After 6 or so hours at 75C, stir it down.  Add terps.  Then, fruc your paste; a little at a time till it flows like you want .... make it suck water out of the air instead of adding liquid to the paste.. 

I put in the EO after the  first set because some hennas go grainy with EO, and you never know how much they'll stir down.

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