Books or to get them near your booth....

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Books or to get them near your booth....

Ok it might be a "I took a dumb pill this morning"  question.....I have a few binders....for people to page thru..I also keep one by own "FAT BINDER of IDEAS"  I was thinking of doing a few boards...I haven't aquired enough pictures to have photo collage which is what I am gonna do this year....if any of you Henna Queens make a you use a Sharpie, felt tip pens and Poster board....and draw??  Do you use actual pictures to draw them in?  I mean the Banner .."Henna Body Art"  on the front may do it but like face painting I always have picture boards and when adding a $5 and $10 designs I limit myself to about 10 different designs laminated on paper. ...What are your thoughts....thaanks to the most helpful people here!!!!

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Re: Books or to get them near your booth....

 I have a board that is about 2 feet by 3 feet that says "henna muse" across the top and has some photos of some of my better work. This isn't so much a board to advertise designs (some are way to much to do in a festival setting) as it is a way to show what can look like on a body. It gives me an opportunity to point out "paste on" and "paste off" pictures to help customers better understand the process.

I had my board made at staples for about $80. Its mounted on foam cor and came with a collapesable easel. Its glossy, beautiful, and professional. Its lasted me about 4 years, but its starting to get a little soft in the corners. It was a good investment though!

I also have a vinyl banner that goes ABOVE the front of my tent. I made a frame of pvc pipe that straps to my tent poles to hole the banner.

I do not put my design choices on a board. They just stay in the binders.

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Re: Books or to get them near your booth....

My two cents, based on what I'd like to see before I go up to a henna booth at all:

  • Definitely have a big, easy-to-read sign that says that you're doing henna
  • If you've got the time, maybe draw some designs like those you have in your binder (though bigger), so people can tell from a distance what you're doing (in case "henna" doesn't mean anything to them
  • Maybe put a few good photos out, but those don't need to be on the poster--taped to your table, or something is enough
  • It's always a plus if they can see that you have some good designs on you :)
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