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Face Lace

Do you remember the period in fashion where moles were IN. Somewhere in 17th century. Noble ladies and gentlemen had chance to buy a whole set of different fake-birthmarks, in different shapes, colours and size so they could place it somewhere, usually on face. There was even a whole secret-code of birthmarks that allowed to send 'secret-signals' to an opposite sex telling quite a some about you.

Now there is a chance to buy thing called Face Lace. Found it rather interesting and it reminded me the story with birthmarks: http://face-lace.com/product-category/all

What you think? And who could/would be the possible target-group for this product?

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Re: Face Lace

Wow, I think they're really cool.  Definitely for the young club crowd and I might consider it for New Year's eve at my annual formal soiree.

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