Is it all about the temp?

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Is it all about the temp?

 My last batch of henna took over 90 (yup, that's ninety, folks) hours before I had dye release.  I love Blurberrybuzz's recipe - an easy peasy one.  Straight forward, no messin' around, basic, classy recipe.  After mixing, I covered it closely with saran wrap, put a folded paper towel over it, weighed it down with some little rocks (rocks were just because my girly girl grand daughters gave them to me. No other reason) and left it on my kitchen counter.  

We keep our house cold.  We work all day so that thermostat is never set above 60 degrees.  We crank it all the way up to 62 (we are such wooses) when we get home at night.  Hey, we live in New England.  We are either tough or stupid - not sure which.  But, that's what we do.  So my last batch sat and sat and sat and sat.  I was really getting concerned.  It is fresh stuff. Nope - it took over 90 hours to release ANY color.  

I had a day off (shhhh, don't tell anyone please) so today, at 8 am I mix a new batch. Same henna as before.  Same box even.   My girly girls are coming for the night tomorrow and I knew I was stretching the dye release time a lot.  They want to paint.  So, I threw caution to the wind and mixed it.  Again, the same EXACT recipe.  

As you all know, this winter is a strange one.  We can't brag how cold we are or how much snow we have or how hard the wind has blown.  Not this year.  As we speak, it's 73 degrees in my house!  It's hotter outside.  For the heck of it, I looked at my bowl.  I lifted off the wrap and lifted up the paper towel............folks, we have dye release!!! What is that, 7 hours???????  Seven?  Everything is EXACTLY the same except for the temperature.  Holy moley!   ONLY difference is the temperature of my house!

Really?  Wow!  Painted girly girls here we come!

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Re: Is it all about the temp?

 Well, I admit I'm shocked by a 90 hour dye release time, but yes, temp does make a huge difference. If you set a bowl of henna paste out in the sun on a hot day an hour or two would probably do the trick, even then you run the risk of cooking it.

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