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clipping the tip

 I'm a newbie here.  I have learned a lot from you guys.  I'm ready to go.  Have my henna, cones, carrot bag, terp, sugar, lemon juice.  As I'm going thru the steps in my head I realized the one thing that I haven't seen covered.......Clipping the tip!  Does rolling a cone leave a good enough opening in the tip for the henna to come out of?  Do I need to clip off a bit?  What do you use?  I want to have a super fine line - heck, I use the finest tip pens and markers I can find - I've been called obsessive.  (Really? I thought I was just picky.  - Picky I can handle, obsessive, not so much!)

What do you guys do?

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Re: clipping the tip

 Great question! 

I have never been able to cut a clean line that doesn't create little burrs that make the paste curl or behave badly as it leaves the cone. I roll my cones with openings now, exactly the size I want them to be.

IF you do want to cut your tip, use something very sharp like thread scissors or a razor blade. A really good pair of fingernail clippers will do a good job too.

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Re: clipping the tip

 I'm new too, and actually just rolled my first set of cones last night with great success... you can get a very fine opening at the tip if you are working with good cello wrap and some practice :)  It took me a dozen or so to perfect my technique.  Good luck!

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