Amount of time to leave mix on hair

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Amount of time to leave mix on hair

My hair was done in a salon using cassia, henna and buxus.  My roots which are grey were only done.  The mix was only kept on for forty minutes.  It came out looking like a golden/reddish color, more golden.  I thought that the mix was suppose to be left on for three or more hours. What time limit do you recommend?  Also, to get the color looking more like that pretty color of ACWN, what would need to be done and how soon could that be done?

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Re: Amount of time to leave mix on hair

If you want the same color you got in the salon, you should find out what amount of each dye they were using and do it just the same way, including the application time.

The timing will vary depending on what dyes you use and what color you want. 40 minutes is pretty short for a cassia-based mix but it sounds like you liked the color, right?  I used to leave mine on for 60-75 minutes, but sometimes left it on longer if I wanted more reddish color from the henna.

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