Henna Won't Dry

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Henna Won't Dry

My henna paste won't dry on my skin.  I used a mix of  Purtiy Henna with lemon juice, sugar and terp.  The consistency is good and I can easily paint fine lines, but it just doesn't dry.  I've even tried using a blowdryer, but the henna remains tacky.  I carefully wrap it and leave it on over night and the color is great, but it's really hard to keep it from smearing.  Did I add too much sugar?  Too much terp?  I've never had this happen before.

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Re: Henna Won't Dry

 Yep, that's too much sugar. Keep in mind that the amount of sugar that a recipe needs can be dependent on the weather! If the air is damp and warm you'll need less sugar than when its dry and cold.

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