How to apply Henna for African Hair (Permanent Dye)

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How to apply Henna for African Hair (Permanent Dye)

I currently have a permanent dye (Honey Auburn) on my natural hair. Also my hair is short and has some grey. I would like to test and apply henna, but unable to do this because of my short hair. Should I apply henna onto my previous dye? I have also read that henna leaves a smell. What can I do to tone the smell down? What about indigo?  Needing some additonal advise.

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Re: How to apply Henna for African Hair (Permanent Dye)

You can apply pure henna over any chemical treatment - though for some its best to wait a couple days to let your hair recover.


Henna does have a very distinct smell. If you find that you dislike this smell (mix it into a lumpy paste, let it dye release, and then mix smooth - smell it then), you can add a tablespoon of ground ginger or cloves to the paste to remove the smell.


Indigo has a very noxious smell (in my opinion)... but there is unfortunately nothing you can do about it. Indigo is extremely picky and adding something to it is likely to kill the dye.

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