Nagris Pakeeza Mehandi cone

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Nagris Pakeeza Mehandi cone

I am a first time user. I just purchased Nagris Pakeezah Mehandi cone. The man said that it was 'black' Is it safe to use? I am nervous.

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Re: Nagris Pakeeza Mehandi cone

 No black "henna" is safe to use on skin. It contains concentrated hair dye that can cause blistering, scaring, and even internal damage. Sometimes there's no henna in it at all, just the chemical hair dye. Please dispose of this product!

Please read more here:


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Re: Nagris Pakeeza Mehandi cone

  Well said Jen.  There is no natural form of black henna despite what those who sell it might say.  Henna is made from the plant Lawsonia inermis, which its leaves produce a dye molecule that leaves only a reddish-brown stain.  There is no way to alter this other than with strong sensitizing chemicals such as PPD (which is illegal for use on the skin), chemicals that can cause serious and sometimes lifethreatening conditions.  

Another thing, I hardly suggest ever buying premade henna cones from retail stores.  Most of the time the ingredients are not listed and it can be hard to determine how long they've been sitting on the shelf.  It's a waste of money and tend not to be completely natural.  If you want to buy henna paste, it's usually best to buy through other henna artists that supply their list of ingredients.  That and they will make the henna as it is ordered, so you are guaranteed freshness.  Good luck to you and welcome to the world of henna :)  It's an amazing medium rich with 5000 years of history, tradition, and beauty to go along with it! 

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Re: Nagris Pakeeza Mehandi cone

 Use it to dye a scarf or something.  Then you can practice designs, not waste it, and not get it on your skin.  (Wear gloves)

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